Staple Binding

What is it?

Folded sheets are bonded with wire staples at the fold line to bind the book together.

Reasons to choose this method:


If you’re on a smaller budget, this is the most cost-effective option we offer.

Best for shorter production runs

For example, if you only need around 150 printing.

Fast turnaround

We’re pros at this method and can get the job done in a timely manner.

Perfect Binding

What is it?

This is a soft cover method done by binding the pages together using adhesive, creating a professional and tidy finish.

This method is best choice for those with large page number requirements.

Reasons to choose this method:

Professional appearance

Perfect for brochures and catalogues

Creates an added touch

This method creates a flat spine, meaning that there is an extra space to print on down the side

Easy and tidy to stack

Making it easier to store and display

Wiro Binding

What is it?

Holes are made down the left-hand side of the paper stack and then a c shaped wire is looped through to bind the pages together

Reasons to choose this method:

Easy to navigate

The pages can lay flat even whilst opened at 360 degrees, and can be easily and freely turned

Professional appearance

The spines flexibility reduces the chance of pages being bend, keeping them looking tidy for longer

Perfect for business use

Their accessibility makes them perfect for use in reports, presentations, proposals and instruction manuals

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